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What Is Car Insurance?

In short, it’s a contract between you and an insurance company. The insurer will help you recover financially from many scenarios that involve bad things happening to or caused by your car. Bad things will vary from medical expenses to wayside help.

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

In nearly every state, it’s banned to drive while not automobile insured. Every state features a minimum of liability coverage that’s wrongfully needed. If you don’t have it, you could be fined. If you make a habit of getting caught without it, you could end up in jail.

The other sensible reason to possess automobile insurance is consistency. It’s easier to pay monthly or quarterly premiums than to swallow the unforeseen value of a nasty accident. Unless you’ve got an emergency stash of money lying around, you must get yourself covered.

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

Car insurance covers your automobile, alternative people’s cars, the people inside the cars and the people around the cars (such as pedestrians and bikers). It extremely depends on the type(s) of coverage you’ve got.

There are 3 main machine insurance coverage types—liability, collision and comprehensive. There also are a variety of specialized extras obtainable. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from each:

  • Liability: this is often the legal minimum of coverage—the alternative varieties are counseled, but not required. It covers your medical expenses (up to a point). If you’re at fault for an accident, it also covers the other driver’s medical expenses and car repairs. It does not cover repairs to your car.
  • Collision: This covers repairs to your automobile just in case of a collision with another vehicle or inanimate object, like a mailbox.
  • Comprehensive: This covers everything else which will happen to your car: hearth, wild animal collisions, riots, and even missiles. It’s more accurately called “other than collision.”

Other options for more extensive coverage:

  • Uninsured/Underinsured motorist: This covers medical or repair expenses that are more expensive than the other person’s insurance covers. (For example, if they’re driving uninsured—illegally—or if they carry only the cheapest coverage.)
  • Medical payments: This covers medical bills that reconsider what your liability insurance covers. If you don’t have health insurance, this is especially important.
  • Rental car: This covers rental automobile prices when your car is being repaired after an accident.
  • Road service/Roadside assistance: This covers emergency tows, battery jump starts, and other roadside mishaps.


It depends on your car’s value and how much you need your car. If you drive an old rust bucket that would be cheaper to replace than repair, you probably only need liability. (Because your premiums could be higher than actual repair costs.)

On the opposite hand, if you absolutely must have your car for work, dropping off your kids, or other mission-critical tasks, consider adding the other types (especially rental car coverage). They’ll help you cover bills and other expenses to get you back on the road.


An average driver with a decent record can pay regarding $800 a year for full coverage for one automobile. If they select liability coverage only, costs could be as low as $600.

Auto insurance costs are based mostly on the coverage you choose, the value of your car and your driving history. Driving a luxury car and getting DUIs or other violations will push costs higher. Your rates can drop as you become older, especially after turning 25.

Who Is Included in My Car Insurance Policy?

Car insurance prices are supported by your record as a driver, however, coverage follows your automobile. That means that anyone driving your car is technically covered, including friends and family who borrow it.

Family members who live at your address and share your car (such as a spouse, partner or teenage kids) should be explicitly covered by your policy. If they have a bad driving record, it can drive up your costs.

How Can I Get Car Insurance Discounts?

Penny pinchers and savvy shoppers rejoice: Chances are that there are car insurance discounts you can qualify for. Here are the most common discounts that insurance companies offer:

  • Multi-policy: Discount for bundling multiple types of insurance with one provider, e.g., homeowners and car insurance
  • Multi-car: Discount for insuring multiple cars with one provider, e.g., your car, your spouse’s car, and your kid’s car
  • Safety: Discount for your car’s safety features—this is unrelated to your driving record
  • Accident-free: Discount if you’ve gone an exceptionally long time without an accident
  • Loyalty: Discount if you’ve been at your insurance firm for an extended time
  • Age: Discount if you’re over a precise age, usually 55

The Awesome Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agent

Our agents change the search method for locating the proper automobile insurance. They’ll walk you through handpicked policy options and explain the nitty-gritty in the language you can understand.

Plus, carriers will have strict deadlines for filing claims. Your freelance insurance broker will assist you to file on time, therefore you’ll maximize your insurance advantages.

Finding Car Insurance Quotes

Our agents work with you one-on-one to evaluate your risks and help you decide what car insurance is right for you. Based on your distinctive desires, they’ll shop and compare policies from multiple insurance carriers. And notice amazing protection at the simplest potential value.

The Lowdown on Online Quotes

We know what you’re looking for: fast and easy car insurance quotes in 30 seconds or less. We get it, you wish the products ASAP, but choosing speed over accuracy can wind up costing you.

Quick quotes are nice, but online companies might leave out cost-cutting options. And leave in factors that assume higher risk, resulting in a pricier policy.

Not only that, our competitors might sell your info to multiple companies, which can result in a flood of calls. We flipped the script by supplying you with the information and choices to attach with a freelance insurance broker.

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