Fort Concho Museum

Fort Concho Museum is one of the best attractions of Fort Stockton, located about half an hour north of San Antonio. Located on a bluff overlooking the bay, this historic fort is one of two remaining structures of the original military post constructed by the U.S. Army in the mid-nineteenth century. Fort Concho was built in December 1867 on the confluence of the San Antonio River and the Goodnight Overland mail route and in November of the same year on the same bluff. It served as a base for the U.S. Military’s “Goodnight, Loving and Goodnight” campaign which was designed to improve relations with the local Native American tribes. The fort served as the headquarters for the U.S. Army and for some time was one of the largest military posts in Texas with two gun batteries, an armory, a hospital and a powder magazine. Click here for facts about San Angelo, TX.

Today Fort Concho remains a significant historical landmark of San Antonio and serves as an important educational site for its residents and visitors alike. In addition to its military use, the fort was also used as a town during the mid-nineteenth century. Today it is home to many historic landmarks, including the old courthouse and jail, Indian burial mounds and the Old Fort Concho Museum. The museum showcases a variety of artifacts and historical artifacts relating to San Antonio and Texas. Many of the artifacts are made from original materials. There are also exhibits of a variety of artwork related to San Antonio and Texas. Visitors to Fort Concho Museum will also find a history of Fort Stockton on display, as well as information on other early military installations in Texas. Click here to read about Fishing at Lake Nasworthy.


When planning a trip to Fort Stockton or any other historical location in San Antonio, it is important to research the area and learn as much as possible about what is available to the public before making any major travel arrangements. Fort Concho Museum is well worth the trip and can be viewed by the entire family. Fort Concho Museum is open every day from April through October. For those who cannot attend the museum during the season, there are tours available in a number of local restaurants and stores.