Not Everything is Glory When it Comes to Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance covers a lot of components and situations that pertain to boats. However, not every type of situation is covered by these insurances unless customized as an add-on. Experienced insurance companies such as San Angelo Insurance in San Angelo, Texas, have competent insurance personnel who are careful to explain such details to their clients. It is crucial that boat owners fully understand their boat coverage terms and conditions before settling choosing the best one. Below are some of the damages that are not covered. San Angelo, TX can be seen here.

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is a common phenomenon that happens to all equipment, boats included. It is considered a normal occurrence that is influenced by a lot of factors hence hard to cover. A lot of boat insurance companies distant themselves from covering wear and tear because it is the most common type of damage. Click here to read about Get to Understand Boat Insurance Add-ons that Can Come in Handy.


A boat can never maintain its original price and value over time. Depreciation of the value of boats is inevitable. Therefore, it is impossible for insurances to cover depreciation because the value of boats fluctuates depending on the care and maintenance that boat owners give to their boats.


Other damages that are not covered are willful misconduct and careless loss of the boat, in some cases. 

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