Railway Museum of San Angelo in San Angelo Texas

The Railway Museum of San Angelo is the best place to spend your vacation. The railway museum offers a unique and amazing collection of vintage rail freight, passenger cars, locomotives, and many other artifacts. You can also find various antique trains, locomotives, and carriages in its collection. This museum is also host to a number of events such as art shows with history and culture. Further facts about San Angelo, TX can be found here.

The railway museum is situated in San Angelo in the central part of Texas, about 60 miles south of Dallas. You can find the museum in a large park called Central Park. The main entrance is off Hwy 89 and you will find two large open parking lots. There are also small access points that are free to visitors. To get there you can take a taxi or hop on a bus or a ride-on train. Information about Tips For Visiting The San Angelo Convention & Visitors Bureau can be found here.


Railway Museum of San Angelo offers a variety of interesting activities such as visiting the museum and learning about its history and enjoying the museums’ exhibits. It is also home to a number of popular shows that are used for cultural education and to entertain the public. You will be able to enjoy the activities of the railway museum while learning about the history of rail travel in the United States.

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