The Naturalist-Trained Staff at the San Angelo Nature Center

The San Angelo Nature Center is an interactive experience for children and families and is located in the heart of the city. The naturalist-trained staff at the nature center provides educational programs and hands-on learning activities for kids and families and gives them a chance to have fun while learning about the wonders of nature. The naturalist-trained staff also teaches kids about conservation, environmental conservation, and the importance of helping our planet. Information can be found here.

The San Angelo Nature Center offers a wide range of programs that can be enjoyed by kids and families of all ages. From early mornings to late evenings, there are various programs and events to keep children entertained and occupied throughout the day. During the summer months, the nature center hosts free family entertainment on its Outdoor Adventures Stage, and hosts several summer musicals. During the winter season, the nature center hosts a large variety of educational programs for kids. From science to nature classes to winter Wonderland and ice skating, there is something for everyone at the nature center. See here for information about San Angelo State Park – An Official Park Of Texas.


The SanAngelo Nature Center’s goal is to inspire children and families with the power of nature, by teaching them about the importance of conserving wildlife, and educating them about the importance of preserving the environment. The SanAngelo Nature Center also provides the opportunity for kids and families to interact with nature, by allowing children to get up close and personal with the wildlife that they are watching. It’s all part of the SanAngelo Nature Center’s mission, to provide a place that children and families can call their own, while enriching their lives. The naturalist-trained staff at the nature center encourages children and families to become involved in preserving and protecting our earth. The nature center provides educational opportunities for kids and families and provides a learning and entertaining atmosphere for kids. Its mission is to promote the conservation of wildlife and the environment, while educating kids and families on how to protect and preserve our environment.