San Angelo Professional Liability Insurance

If you own a company, San Angelo professional liability insurance might not be at the top of your mind. You might not think that you could be held liable for negligence, but if you ever are, this type of coverage could go a long way toward helping protect your financial security. Talk to San Angelo Insurance & Fast Tax today to learn more.

What is San Angelo Professional Liability Insurance?

Many professionals act as consultants, providing advice that other companies use to boost their bottom line. In some instances, however, that advice doesn’t work as intended. When that happens, the consultant could be at risk for a negligence lawsuit. This is a type of legal action filed when someone believes they were the victim of misrepresentation, or the consultant they paid failed to perform to expectations.

San Angelo professional liability insurance is sometimes known as “errors and omissions” insurance, or “malpractice” insurance. No matter what it’s called, it’s important to have because this type of coverage will protect you should you ever be the target of a lawsuit.

A lot of people think that professional liability and general liability insurance are the same thing – but they’re very different. Professional liability protects you from negligence lawsuits. General liability insurance covers issues such as property damage and injury claims.

Whether you’re an architect, a doctor, an attorney, an accountant, or any sort of other kind of professional who could be at risk for a lawsuit, San Angelo professional liability insurance is a must. At San Angelo Insurance & Fast Tax, we make it easy – and affordable – to get the coverage you need to have complete peace of mind.

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