San Angelo Workers Comp Insurance

San Angelo workers comp insurance is a must if you want to make sure your company won’t be vulnerable to legal action should one of your employees be injured or killed on the job. The state of Texas doesn’t make this type of coverage mandatory, but if you don’t have it, and you lose a lawsuit, the financial damage may be too much for you to overcome. At San Angelo Insurance & Fast Tax, we make getting workers comp easy and affordable.

The Risk Simply Isn’t Worth It

Unfortunately, workplace accidents occur on a regular basis. In some cases, the injuries can be so severe they can lead to a lifetime of disability. There are also some tragic instances where a worker is killed on the job. If you run a company, the state requires you to notify them if you either have workers comp insurance or you don’t have it. If your business is not covered by San Angelo workers comp insurance, you’re taking a huge risk.

The reason is that, without coverage, you’ll be susceptible to legal action should an employee – or an employee’s family – decide to sue you. Not only will you need to pay all legal fees should you lose, you’ll also have to bear the burden of paying for all of their medical expenses.

On the other hand, you’ll be protected if you have San Angelo workers comp insurance. Let’s say one of your employees is struck by a falling object at a construction site and has to go to the hospital. Not only will your San Angelo workers comp insurance pay for their time in the hospital, it will also cover any care that injured worker may need in the future.

Turn to the Experts

A professional with San Angelo Insurance & Fast Tax can go over all of your options and make sure you have a plan that fits within your budget Contact us online or call 325-658-2790 for more information on how we can take care of your San Angelo workers comp insurance needs.

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