Heavy construction can be an annoyance for many people. The slow drag of traffic coupled with the frustration of seeing nothing but brake lights can make a person start to seethe. It’s just part of the reason why traffic fines are higher in these areas. Not only that, your auto insurance may skyrocket if you’re caught breaking the law in these zones. Drivers don’t always remember to be safe when they’re feeling angry in construction zones, but there are a few tips that can give you a little perspective.

Don’t Assume

Ideally, warning signs should give you ample warning about lane closures and speed limit rules in construction zones. All the same, you should be paying close attention to the signs and ensuring that you’re switching lanes as soon as possible. There’s a reason why construction zones have lowered speed limits. It’s to give everyone a chance to adjust speed without forcing them to slam on their brakes in a very short distance.

Try the 10-Second Technique

Sometimes known as the Take 10, the idea is to take a full 10 seconds to change lanes. This way, you’re giving other drivers ample warning that you’re coming over (at least three seconds) and even more time to allow them to slow down to let you in. As you get over, pay close attention to any construction flaggers or special signs up ahead. These can help you determine where to go, and when, and more importantly, where and when to stop.

Keep Your Distance

In construction zones, you’re going to see plenty of drivers who are riding on each other’s bumpers. And while you may want to do this too, you should really resist that urge. Giving people space is the best way to avoid a fender bender and to ensure that you’re safer should there be a chain reaction behind you. And don’t speed back up to normal levels just because you think the work has ended. Wait until you see the signs that you have left the construction zone before resuming normal speeds.

Being caught up in the moment on a construction zone is entirely normal, but taking a deep breath to see the bigger picture is just as simple. From lower car insurance rates to a greatly reduced chance of bodily injury, taking the time to be safe is always the right move.

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