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Carlsbad is a census-designated place in Tom Green County, Texas. It lies along U.S. Route 87, northwest of San Angelo, the county seat. It is about 2,000 feet above sea level. It is home to many farms and ranches. However, the community is not incorporated.

The population of Carlsbad is 538. Of this number, 98% of the residents are US citizens. This percentage is a decrease from the previous year, but is still higher than the national average of 93.4%. Moreover, a large percentage of the population works in sales-related occupations, which includes sales, installation, and maintenance.

You can find flights to Carlsbad, TX from major cities nearby. These cities are located within 150 miles of the city center, making them great for a road trip. When looking for a flight to Carlsbad, TX, it may be a good idea to consider nearby cities, as they often have airports.

The population of Carlsbad, TX is estimated to reach 602 by 2020. This would make it the 1142nd largest city in Texas and the 18042nd largest in the United States. However, the population is decreasing at a rate of -1.63% annually and has decreased by 3.22% since the last census. The population of Carlsbad is spread over a two-square-mile area, with a population density of 388 per square mile.

In the early 1980s, Carlsbad was home to five churches, one post office, and multiple dwellings. During the Great Depression, the population dwindled to 150. However, it rebounded in the 1930s and reached 700 by 1944. It was located on three railroad lines, near a mining operation, and had a freight station that served the local pipe line and cattle shippers. The town also had a sanatorium, McKnight State Sanatorium, which was established on donated land. The population dropped to just 100 by the 2000 census.

There are many types of land for sale in Carlsbad, TX. You can find small residential lots, large rural tracts, and farms for sale. The median property value was $37,800 in 2020. According to the Census Bureau, 82% of homes in Carlsbad, TX were owned by their owners. This is a higher percentage than the national average of 64.4%.

The city was established in 1910. The Panhandle and Santa Fe Railroad built a spur to the town. The town grew to 400 residents in 1932. Its post office was named Karlsbad but was later renamed to Carlsbad. In 1924, the town’s population fell to 150. But in 1926, a three-year drought wiped out much of the town. After that, the population rebounded to around 400.

The city has a variety of shopping opportunities. There are numerous markets with a wide variety of items for sale. The city also has several educational institutions. The city’s library is architecturally stunning.


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