Understanding condo insurance is a must if you live in a condo. Of course, regardless of the kind of home you have, insuring it is important.

Unlike homeowners, condo owners do not own the building they live in. So, how does condo insurance work?

Understanding Condo Insurance- Why Is it Different from House Insurance?

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Are you wondering why you need condominium insurance San Angelo instead of regular homeowner insurance San Angelo? This is because condos are operated by a condo association that has unique insurance policies for shares spaces like elevators and roots.

The good news is that condo owners do not have to worry as much as homeowners because they are only responsible for insuring the interior of their house. On the contrary, homeowners need an insurance policy that protects the exterior of their house, as well as surrounding features.

Here are some differences between condo insurance and homeowner insurance:

1. Condo Liability vs. Home Liability Insurance

Some condo insurances will require owners to insure the inside of their condos and will cover incidents that take place in that space only.

However, homeowners have to insure their homes from the inside as well as the outside. Their coverage includes the entire property.

2. Condo Dwelling vs. Home Dwelling Coverage

Homeowners pay dwelling coverage based on how much it would cost to rebuild their houses. Condo owners pay for condo dwellings based on their homeowner’s association’s master plan.

This policy coverage can include public spaces or interior plans like ceilings and drywall. It could also consist of the entire condo’s interior.

3. Condo Personal Property vs. Home Personal Property Protection

It does not matter whether you are a condo owner or homeowner- personal property protection is the same for both. This coverage ensures protection against theft or damage to the property.

It is a must for homeowners to have this coverage. Moreover, since this policy will not be included in HOA master policies, it is recommended that every condo owner should also have it.

4. Condo Loss Assessment vs. Home Loss Assessment Coverage

Understanding condo insurance, specifically loss assessment, is only important when living in an HOA community. Condo loss assessment protects the individual from paying for damages around the common areas of their condo.

Homeowners also require loss assessment coverage, especially if they are part of an HOA community.


Condominium insurance services San Angelo recommend understanding condo insurance as well as your HOA’s master policy before deciding the coverage you should get. After all, your master policy might have more coverage than you expect.

The best thing to do is talk to an insurance company that can provide you with the best coverage options based on your unique situation. Get in touch with San Angelo Insurance today for a free quote and learn how we can protect your family and your home.



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