Generally, having a car insurance policy is not only important but also necessary. This is because this cover protects both the car and the driver from financial liability, medical expenses, or legal implications in case you get into an accident. Similarly, older cars deserve to have an insurance cover, and depending on the purpose and the ownership status of your car, there are several covers that you might be required to carry. Below, car insurance San Angelo agents have provided all the information you need to know when considering insurance for older cars.

Defining an Older Car

Before looking for insurance for your car, it is important to establish which type the car is and the purpose for this car. Here are some definitions;

  • Older normal car – This is a normal car that has been used for some time specifically for commute purposes. It might be preowned or just depreciated after prolonged use. Most insurers may require you to get most of the general car insurance coverage for this type of car.
  • Classic car – This is a type of car that has been carefully kept or restored to maintain its value for several reasons. It might be used for shorter errands around town or as a collectible to be showcased in exhibitions. Depending on its value and its main usage, you will be able to determine the best policy to suit you. It all depends on your specific car. A car is determined to be a classic if it is older than 20 years, has been restored carefully, can be envied by collectors, is stored safely, is driven by a driver with a good record, and is not the main mode of transportation.
  • Custom car – This refers to the type of car that has been modified to achieve a certain look or altered to perform differently than initially required. This type of car, depending on the insurer, will require a different cover than the general ones.

Types of Old Car Insurance Coversr

As mentioned earlier, there are several insurance covers that your car may be required to be covered with depending on its age, ownership status, and its purpose.

Auto Liability Coverage
This is the most crucial type of cover that is mandatory for drivers to have in most states. This policy covers the driver against;

  • Bodily harm – It covers the injuries sustained by a third party that has been caused by the insured car.
  • Third-party property – This policy covers all the damages that may be sustained by third-party property such as vehicles, shops, telephone lines among others that have been caused by the insured car.

Comprehensive Coverage
This is a type of car insurance that covers all the costs accrued from causes other than collision. These causes might include; theft, destruction from natural occurrences like floods, among others that do not include accidents by other vehicles.

This insurance policy can be affected by the following factors;

  • Type of Your Car
    This implies the type of old car that you need the cover for. In case it is an ordinary car that is depreciating, having a comprehensive insurance cover may not be a good fit.
    In case the car in question is an antique or a custom that does not necessarily depreciate in its value, then having this car might be necessary.
  • The Ownership Status
    This refers to the state your car payment is in at the moment you are looking to insure it. If you are still paying off your old car, having a comprehensive insurance cover will be necessary as most lenders require it. On the other hand, if your old car has been paid off, then there is less need for this cover.
  • Collision Coverage
    This insurance policy covers the repairs of your car from collisions that have occurred in an accident regardless of who caused it. This is a more expensive insurance cover as cars are always prone to accidents when they are infrequent use. Older cars may require this coverage if their main purpose will be used for daily commutes but in the case of collectibles and antiques, which may only be used for car shows and exhibitions, having it may be unnecessary.
  • Uninsured/ Underinsured Coverage
    This insurance policy covers your car from accidents with a driver that does not have a cover or whose cover is less compared to the damage caused. When an old car is in question, most insurance policies might not cover the cost making it necessary for you to own this type of cover as it ensures your car gets the attention it needs when the unthinkable happens.
  • Classic Car Insurance
    This is an insurance policy that specifically covers your classic/antique car. It is a more extensive policy that ensures all your classic car needs are taken into consideration, from the maintenance costs to the liability that may be incurred by your car. Here are some of the benefits of having this cover;

Benefits of a Classic Insurance Cover

  • Agreed Value – When taking up a classic car cover, you are allowed to state a reasonable price for the car, and in case this value increases over time, you can easily adjust it.
  • $0 Deductible – Deductibles happen mostly on the normal car insurance as you are required to pay a certain amount in case an accident was caused because of your fault. In specialized classic car insurance, you will not be deducted any money even if it’s your fault.
  • Restoration coverage implies that the policy covers when the car is being restored while giving you the freedom to choose your repair shop and covering parts and collectibles.

It is important to cover your car no matter its age or purpose of owning it. Accidents can occur any time, or your car may get into a misfortune that could not be predicted, which without an insurance cover can lead to financial ruin in legal fees of costs coverage for both you and a third party. Visit to find out how we can cover your old car.

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